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Raw African Black Soap Bar

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This listing is for 4 oz bar of raw, 100% natural unscented African black soap. The 8oz option will be shipped as (2) 4oz bars.

Store-bought "soap" bars are not actually soap at all (which is why they're sometimes labeled as "beauty bars", etc.). They are more similar to detergents than real soap which is why they cause dry, itchy skin and a host of other problems.

This raw, African black soap contains only natural plant materials vs the solid detergent bars we have come to know as traditional body soap.

Use this soap to cleanse face and body. African black soap has been used for generations for to address the following skin issues:

-Dark spots and discoloration
-Itchy skin
-Sensitive skin
-Oily skin/face
-Sensitive skin
-Makeup removal

Contains: Shea butter, cocoa pod ashes, plantain & shea tree leaves, coconut oil, palm oil.

Place this bar on a soap dish that allows water to drain away. When natural soaps remain in water between uses, they become soft and do not last as long as they otherwise would. Grab a low-cost & easy-to-clean soap dish in my shop here or select "Bar + Soap Saver" option above:

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