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Services/ FAQs

K.j. Naturals is proud to now offer private label natural hair products with quality tried & true formulas customers RAVE about! To see 5 star reviews of Kj's retail line, visit Kjnaturals.etsy.com. 

Whether you're a start-up or a seasoned veteran, we're equipped to provide you with:

-Private label natural products proven to get 5 star customer ratings!

-Proven sales & marketing tips for small business owners. Visit Kj's blog & sign up for her mailing list to learn how she took her startup home-based company to 6-figure gross sales in 2 years!

-The best customer service experience you can have!


What is Private Labeling?

We make and bottle quality products for you. You label and sell them under your own company name or personal brand. Choose which products you want to carry and then select your packaging. 

Can I buy bulk and jar/bottle the products myself?

Yes. We also offer bulk base products if you prefer to bottle them yourself. 

How Do I Place an Order?

Browse our selection and choose which items you'd like. Then send an email to Kj [AT] kjnaturals.com. You'll receive an invoice via email. Payment is due upon receipt. Please do not request an invoice until you are ready to pay your invoice. Unpaid invoices will be canceled after 24 hours. 

 Are there order minimums?

Yes. There's a minimum of 24 units for any item. 

How long until I receive my order?

Please allow 2 weeks from the date your invoice is paid to receive your shipping notification via email with tracking number. 

 Can I try your products before I place an order?

Yes. You can request an invoice for trial size products by emailing Kj [AT] kjnaturals.com.

Do you label products?

No we don't provide labeling services. While we do not affix a label directly on the product bottle/jar, we do include a detached list of product ingredients for all items shipped. A full ingredient list is also available on the product description on our website.If you need a referral logo/label design services just ask. We have two designers whose services we'd recommend. Their services are in no way associated with K.j. Naturals, however. 

 Do you accept returns?

No returns are accepted. All sales are final. If you're unsure about which products you might like you may purchase trial sizes for your personal use. 

What if my item is damaged during the shipping process?

If any of your items arrived damaged please email kj [AT] kjnaturals.com within 5 calendar days with proof of any damage (photos taken with your cellular phone will suffice). We will file a claim with the shipping provider and either replace the damaged items or issue a refund within 10 caldenar days. We will attempt to replace items but we reserve the right to issue a refund if a replacement cannot be sent within 10 calendar days.