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DIY Smoothie Scrub Kit

$ 29.99

Watch this 1 minute video demo... Want to make your own smoothie scrubs?

What makes these different from your average sugar scrub???

K.j. Naturals Smoothie Scrubs not only exfoliate skin like your typical sugar scrub, but they also

  1. Rinse away clean! No greasy mess
  2. Don't make your tub slippery/oily 
  3. Turn into lotion on your skin! (Watch video demo above to see how it works)
  4. Look & smell EXACTLY like a real fruit smoothie! 

What's Included In the Kit

You'll get enough supplies to make & label (6) 4oz jars at a cost of $5 per jar. If you plan to sell these, I suggest you charge approx. $10 per jar. 

This kit comes with everything you need. When you finish mixing, these are ready for gifting, selling or personal use. 

What's Included In Kit: 

  • (6) 4oz jars. Clear plastic reusable jars with black lid + pressure seal liner to prevent leaks. 
  • Recipe & instructions for how to mix (Yes, kids can make this product with adult supervision)
  • Oils, butters & waxes that make the base of the scrub
  • Fragrance and/or essential oil & colorant (You can leave either or both of these out if you prefer)
  • Sugar
  • Piping bag (optional-makes putting these into the jar VERY easy)
  • 1 Set of nitrile gloves (latex-free, powder-free)
  • Water resistant labels with full ingredient list
  • Preservative (You can leave this out but if you plan to gift or sell I highly recommend that you include it. These scrubs do not contain water so they won't mold. However, these are used in the shower and it's very difficult to keep water from getting inside the jar. More explanation of preservative use is included with kit). 

What You Will Need at Home:

  • Large mixing bowl
  • Large silicone spatula or spoon
  • Scissors or knife (for cutting the tip of piping bag)

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