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The "Trinidad" Satin Sleep Cap for Long Hair/ Braids/Sister Locs: Reversible and adjustable with elastic. Gray/white polka dot, aquamarine

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There are 3+ ways to wear this sophisticated adjustable charmeuse sleeping cap- Comfortable & stylish for very long hair, dread locs/ sister locs or braids.

The shiny, soft satin is on the inside of this charmeuse fabric (these are NOT discount store-bought polyester caps). Includes elastic band for comfort and is easily adjustable. Includes elastic band for comfort and is easily adjustable. Ribbon can be tied in the back while leaving elastic in the front OR you can tie the ribbon in the front while elastic is in the back.

The elastic band is encased so that only the soft fabric touches your hair and skin.

Measures 32 inches from end to end- easily accommodates waist-length hair.

Opens wide to fit most adult head sizes, big hair, rollers, a high bun, etc.

In the product photo above, I'm wearing a high bun in my naturally coily hair that is just past shoulder length. The cap easily fits over the bun with plenty of room to spare.

3+ Ways to Wear (As pictured above):

1. Let it hang down your back all the way to your waist! The fabric is light, cool and soft- not too heavy or hot so it won't bother you at night.

2. Tuck the end of the cap into the band/ribbon to preserve one large bundle of loose or gathered hair. Great for twist-outs, roller sets, etc.

3. Roll up the cap and your hair into a snug-fitting turban. Make the turban/head wrap as snug as you want without ruining your hair- the soft, smooth charmeuse satin won't dry, break or damage your hair.

Construction & Sewing Quality:

This piece is carefully crafted by my own hands. I designed it to see you through your journey to healthy waist-length hair. It's made to last for several years if it is cared for properly.

Care & Washing:

This fabric and structure can stand up to machine washing on gentle cycle in cold water (lay flat to dry). However, to maximize the life of the product, I recommend hand washing and air drying. Do not twist or wring tightly. Instead, squeeze out excess water with a towel then air dry.

Personal Message:

I am a health education specialist and natural product formulator. My goal is to put the "care" back into hair care products. I hope this and other hand crafted items in my shop will help you reach your healthy hair, skin & body care goals.

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